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Ship Smarter, Ship with the Best: We Make Shipping Stress-Free 

GSM Freight is a reputable freight brokerage agency in Canada, whose main aim is to simplify the flow of your inventory. It means that we stand between you, the shipper and several reliable carriers to make the deal.

Our Freight Broker Services in Canada

Transport Logistics

We connect you to dependable carriers and we are responsible for managing all paperwork, tracing, and communicating with them. You only have to give us the details of what is being sent and where it needs to go.

Door-to-Door Delivery

Have your product picked up at its point of origin and delivered directly to your customer’s door. Forget about having to arrange pick-up or drop-off points; instead, concentrate on your main business.

Packaging & Storage Solutions

There is a variety of packaging options available for making sure that items shipped arrive safely. Our staff can assess whatever you need in terms of materials plus techniques that suit the situation.


We partner with many reputable warehouse facilities across Canada providing secure storage solutions. This includes temperature-controlled storage for perishables or special storage space designed for hazardous goods.

Better Logistics Solutions

Seamless Transportation: We manage the entire logistics process, connecting you with reliable carriers and ensuring your shipments reach their destinations efficiently across North America. 

Cost-Effective Solutions: Our expertise helps you optimize freight and logistics expenses. We leverage our network to find the most competitive rates and identify cost-saving opportunities. 

Enhanced Visibility & Control: Gain real-time access to market rates and shipment tracking information, allowing you to make informed decisions and stay in control throughout the transportation process. 

Safety & Security: Your goods are our priority. We ensure shipments comply with regulations and work with carriers committed to safe and secure transportation practices. 

Customizable Services: We understand no two businesses are the same. We offer a variety of services, including door-to-door delivery, packaging solutions, warehousing, and more, to tailor a solution that meets your specific needs.

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A Top-Rated Freight Brokerage Company in Canada

Why Choose GSM Freight for Shipping Solutions in Canada?

Managing the ever-changing freight market can be overwhelming. GSM Freight is one of the top freight transport companies in Canada. We make your shipping process hassle-free and ensure your goods reach their destinations efficiently and cost-effectively. Here’s how partnering with GSM Freight benefits your business: 

  • Reduced Expenses 

Our extensive network of reliable carriers allows us to find the most competitive rates for your specific needs. We use a combination of smart carrier selection, route optimization, and market knowledge to identify savings opportunities and minimize the impact of unexpected fluctuations in the freight market. 

  • Real-Time Market Visibility  

Stay in control with real-time access to market rates directly integrated with your existing systems (TMS or ERP). This transparency empowers you to make informed decisions about your transportation strategies and budget allocation, ensuring your shipments reach their destinations without any surprises. 

  • Optimal Truckload Procurement  

Our team of experts analyzes your specific needs to identify the most cost-effective truckload procurement strategy for each shipment. Whether you require full truckload services or consolidation of smaller shipments (less-than-truckload), we ensure you get the best value for your money.



Problems We Have Solved for You

At GSM Freight, we understand the challenges businesses face. Here’s how we help you navigate the complexities of Canadian shipping: 

Reliable Carriers: We have built a strong network of reliable and trusted carriers across Canada. This eliminates the worry of unreliable deliveries and ensures your goods arrive safely and on time, every single time. 

No Hidden Fees & Unexpected Costs: Transparency is key. We provide upfront, transparent pricing with no hidden fees. Our focus is on finding the most cost-effective solutions specific to your needs. 

Stay Communicated: Stay informed. Our dedicated team provides clear and consistent communication throughout the shipping process. You’ll always know the status of your shipment. 

Wide Range of Service Options: Simplify your logistics. We offer a comprehensive suite of services under one roof, including door-to-door delivery, packaging solutions, warehousing, and more. 

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North America

Fast North America Delivery

Taking into consideration the demand of our customers we offer all modes of freight broker services for shipments by road transport.

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Safety & Compliance

Shipments are arranged from the chosen location as stated by the clients and are transported at their destination/ doorsteps within the transit time.

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Network in the Market

A stronger network helps in efficient crisis management and ensures a smoother movement of goods, because that’s how the freight forwarding process works.

We can help you solve your biggest challenges

Our global reach, deep industry knowledge, innovative technology, and extensive transportation network have allowed us to bring the latest learning to bear on our customers’ unique challenges and desires. We leverage our scale to create innovative and tailored solutions that help our customers optimize their supply chains to stay ahead of their competition in a market that changes every single day.

Main functions of a Freight Brokerage

Better manage your freight and logistics expenses

Avoid unexpected costs that come with the changing freight market and the complexities of a global supply chain.
  • Determine if savings opportunities are realistic
  • Get real-time market rates directly in your TMS or ERP
  • Find the best truckload procurement strategy for each of your lanes
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